Wardrobe edits

A wardrobe edit by Miranda Holder will result in the wardrobe that changes everything.

I mean – everything. A great many of us suffer from that awful gut-wrenching sinking feeling when we turn to our wardrobe to get dressed. We might have hordes of gorgeous clothes, but simply no idea how to put them together. Sound familiar?


I’ll come to your home and we’ll pull out every rail, every drawer and every cupboard to suss out where we’re at. We will create new outfits from what you already have, or we might use this session as an opportunity to create your personal shopping list. Colour and body shape analysis forms part of this session. We’ll define the colours which work for you and the style which best reflects your personality and lifestyle. This sets the tone for everything else – the style of jewellery and accessories to the type of fabric and cut which shows off your very best bits. You’ll gain an invaluable insight into how to make your wardrobe work for you and feel confident in your clothes, understanding precisely how to dress every single day. You’ll feel ridiculously smug in the knowledge that you’ve got your wardrobe completely and utterly nailed. You’ll be able to dress with ease, effortlessly piecing items together to get noticed for all the right reasons. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without me.

If you wish, I can do a pre-shop and bring a rail of gorgeous clothes with me for us to weave into your existing wardrobe.

Prices start from £150


"I now totally understand which clothes and colours to wear. I cannot believe how much Miranda has taught me"

Katherine, Hampshire