Colour Coaching


Colour is a secret weapon, if you know how to use it. 

Colour has the power to change your mood, your skin tone, your appearance and the way people perceive you. It can make you look more youthful, healthier, slimmer and more vibrant. Doesn't it just make sense that you'd be using it to your advantage?

Colour analysis has moved on significantly since the old-fashioned colour parties, but is still a vital part of my role as a stylist, due to the incredible transformative power it holds. 

My approach is far more fluid; I keep things simple but accurate, working with your skin tone to define your season, then taking into account your other features to determine your killer shades that will really make you glow. 

Miranda Holder personal stylist colour coaching in Hampshire, Wiltshire, WInchester, Salisbury and London
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Miranda Holder personal stylist colour coaching in Hampshire, Wiltshire, WInchester, Salisbury and London

You will receive a bespoke colour swatch with everything you need to build a colourful, coordinated wardrobe that can be mixed and matched seamlessly, taking the guess-work out of outfit building and ensuring you never look pale or tired.  You will be guided on tones for hair and makeup, which will erase the years, shadows and dark circles, make your eyes sparkle and your skin radiant. How good would that feel?! I will also show you how to throw all the rules out of the window when you really want to wear a colour that isn’t right for you. So you really can have that unicorn cake and eat it ;)

Having a colour-coaching session with me will be your secret wardrobe weapon - your world will open up to a vivid rainbow of opportunity that will make you look and feel phenomenal. It really is that life-changing.

During a colour consultation with me, you'll discover:

  • Which colours suit your skin tone
  • How to use colour to enhance your personality
  • How to use colour to amplify your best features
  • How to use colour to boost your mood
  • Which are your best hair colours
  • Which are your best makeup colours
  • How to build a seamless, coordinated wardrobe that makes dressing a breeze.
  • Why you never need to wear fake tan again.
  • How to look healthy and well
  • How to look younger
  • The psychology of colour 
  • The history and science behind colour analysis
  • Just how life-changing colour can be

Prices start from £99

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"Miranda has an eye for precision which makes her makeup skills impeccable. As a makeup artist it is important to understand colour, which of course would come naturally for a fashion stylist. Miranda's warm presence, along with her natural talent will make you look an feel a million dollars in one magical session"

Kate Goodwin, Makeup Artist